Welcome to Authentic Pine Flooring’s New Website!


Words cannot express how excited we are to launch this new website and have you experience our new digital showroom. Our site is designed to showcase our unique and personality-filled wood flooring for all hardwood floor enthusiasts and shoppers looking to bring a unique new feature into their home. The site’s new design features easy navigation and an uncluttered design intended to keep the focus on finding you the floor of your dreams.

We hope that this site gives you the opportunity to get to know the history of our company and our commitment to providing you with the reclaimed floor to fit your personality and your home. Explore the links below to learn about each of the sections of our site.

Our Products page features our main product, flooring, with images of each of the types of wood floors that we work with. Each of the items click through to give you more details about the type of wood and specifications that are unique to that product and may help you make your decision on what fits your home. You can also find Accessories and the recommended Care & Maintenance tips for your custom floor.
The most important thing about these floors are going to be the memories you make with them, but do you know about the stories already behind each of our products? There is history that has inspired and contributed to the uniqueness of each of plank of wood. We invite you to learn more about them in the Inspired By section.
We think our products are priceless, but we want everyone to be able to enjoy a piece of our unique history, so we’ve also included a Specials section to encourage everyone looking for a custom home to find the right fit for their home and their budget.
Our wood has some great history behind it, and so do our employees. Each member of our team is a valued part of the Authentic Pine Floors family. Our passion is in making sure you have the best experience while researching, shopping, and installing. Learn a little more about each of them in the About section.
Of course our Contact page is there because we want to hear from you! Our website is designed to get you started with a feel for each of our products and what we’re all about. Even after 31 years in business, we are foremost a family-owned business who still believe in the personal touch. Filling out our form will help give us a head start on your flooring needs so we can call with the best knowledge prepared for your project. If you prefer to give us a call you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff.  
This website is our way of saying “hey,” and letting you get to know us. If you find any way that we can improve please let us know. We look forward to speaking with you soon!